Tea egg – the free and sophisticated way to enjoy tea with tea egg

Tea egg

For tea connoisseurs with a demand: A tea egg for perfect tea enjoyment

Fine and clever: thanks to the tea ice, making tea is child’s play

A tea egg is a small, smart helper made of stainless steel, which is perfectly suited for the preparation of your favourite tea. Thanks to a delicious cup of tea you can start the day fresh and motivated. The design of the stainless steel tea egg is straightforward and classic. Even if the small tea egg is quite inconspicuous, it makes a robust impression. The aroma and taste of tea from a tea egg will convince you.

And this is how tea is prepared in a tea egg: The loose tea is first added to the opened tea egg. The lid is then closed and hung in the cup or jug. Now you can fill the cup with boiling water from the kettle. In the tea egg the aroma of herbal tea & Co. can unfold perfectly. On hot days you can refresh yourself with a delicious iced tea. Fill the tea comfortably into a bottle when you’re out and about. Conclusion: A tea egg is a small helper with a big effect.

Tea egg available in different designs

A tea egg is available in the classic stainless steel version in a round or oval shape. Thanks to the material, the tea infuser is particularly durable and can be used for a long time. A tea egg is also available in robust silicone in various designs from funny to functional. The tea egg can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand, depending on the material. Tea eggs also vary in size: they can be ordered either for one cup or in a larger version. The contents are then sufficient for an entire teapot.

One advantage of tea eggs: Compared to tea bags, loose tea is also environmentally friendly and sustainable because it does not produce so much waste. As an alternative to tea eggs, you can also prepare loose tea in a tea strainer or tea filter. Tip: It is best to keep your favourite loose tea in an airtight tea tin.

Tea egg: A nice birthday gift idea for real tea connoisseurs

You can give the small tea ball as a gift, including other tea accessories, in a very nice set. An elegant stainless steel jug, a pack of favourite tea, a cup and pretty tea caddies are a great gift idea for those who love tea. Especially popular is a funny silicone tea egg, which is available in different designs from dino to kitten.

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Tea egg